About Us

Please contact us at info @ royaltyfreekings.com or call 310.625.8053 with any questions or concerns.


RoyaltyFreeKings.com was founded in 2009 and launched in 2012 by Los Angeles based composers Mark Petrie and Gina Brigida, and is today a international collaboration between composers and developers based all over the world. Some of those places include: Malibu РCalifornia, Nashville РTennessee, Spain, New York City, Uruguay and Finland.

What sets RoyaltyFreeKings.com apart from other music licensing websites is that every track is carefully vetted, and often exclusively created for this website. We don’t list the composers for each track because we believe that the consistent quality of the music will speak for itself.

Let’s face it, most of the royalty free production music websites out there today have a handful of great tracks sprinkled amongst lot of mediocre, dated cheesiness! A lot of your time can be wasted on those sites wading through countless tracks to find something you might actually want to use.

We strive to make your stock music search as quick and easy as possible, by only having top notch, premium quality music in our catalog. In addition, we’ve kept our site as streamlined and easy to use as possible, so you can find, buy and download the tracks you need within a minute or two.

We offer all of our stock music for sale as single tracks, but what offers the best value to you is our ‘albums‘ of ten or more tracks. You’re also able to purchase the ‘extras‘ for each album, which contain stems, sub-mixes and/or edits.

Our Licensing Agreement

Our low ‘pay once, use forever’ licensing fees allow you to use the music you buy and download on:

- any film or advertising project with a budget of under US$250,000
- any TV programming
- any video projects such as wedding videos, industrial videos, trade show videos, youtube videos
- websites
- ‘on hold’ telephone systems

What the low licensing fee doesn’t cover is:
- film or advertising with a budget of $250,000 or more
- re-selling the music, or using the music within your own music
- promotion of any business that licenses music

Click here to see the details of the licensing agreement

If your film or advertising budget is over the $250,000 cap, please contact us at info @ royaltyfreekings.com or call 310.625.8053 and we’ll be glad to discuss a custom license.

We’re a ‘royalty-free’ production music library, which means you pay for the music once and can continue to use the same tracks forever. However, we still require you to fill out and submit cue sheets for any broadcast of our music. We’ve made this very easy for you to do, by adding a ‘K’ code to the front of the filename for every track in our catalog. Here is a link to a pdf, linking the ‘K’ codes with their corresponding composer and publisher info:

Cue Sheet Info PDF

Royalty Free Production Music Tracks and Albums include: jazz music, yoga, corporate, action film, drama, positive, romantic, atmospheric ambient.