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Bittersweet Reunion

Warm strings complement echoing melodies from two acoustic guitars and piano. A beautiful love song is picked between the guitars and upper textures in the piano blend with movement in the low strings. Beauty and grace emerge from this track, perfect for setting a romantic and passionate, gentle vibe in a song form.

Sort By: Price | Name | Date Drama – Light 4 Click to show/hide the EXTRAS for this album. Drama Light Volume 4 Extras: K_Complicity_CHIMES.mp3 K_Complicity_DRUMS.mp3 K_Complicity_GTR ACOUS.mp3 K_Complicity_GTR ELEC.mp3 K_Complicity_PIANO.mp3 K_Complicity_STRINGS.mp3 K_Complicity_SYNTHS.mp3 K_First Day_CELESTE.mp3 K_First Day_CLARINET.mp3 K_First Day_GUITAR.mp3 K_First Day_HARP.mp3 K_First Day_PERC-HI.mp3 K_First Day_PIANO.mp3 K_First Day_STRINGS.mp3 K_First Day_SYNTH PADS.mp3 K_First Steps_ACOUS GUIT.mp3 K_First Steps_BASS.mp3 […]

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