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I Used Your Music Within A YouTube Video And Now There's A Claim Against The Music. What Do I Do?

No problem! Rest assured, buying our music gives you the legal right to use any of our music within a video. If you want to monetize the video, you can actually take care of this yourself by emailing support @ adrev.net and asking them to whitelist your video. Just include your YouTube URL for the video, state you need a whitelisting, and forward them your invoice. We can also help you with this if it doesn't get taken care of within 48 hours (most of the time this is the longest it takes them to white list your video). Sometimes someone other than AdRev is making a claim against a track, and this is usually a mistake. Please get in touch with us if this ever happens. Remember - you don't need to do anything unless you want to monetize the video.

How do I get the music once I buy it?

You will be emailed download links once you purchase your music. Clicking on the link should automatically start the download process to the target drive you have set up in your browser settings.

Where can I find the writer and publisher information?

Click here for a document that lists all that info. We’ve made filling out cue sheets easy, by adding a ‘K’ code to the beginning of the file name of every hi res file you download. The pdf connects the ‘K’ codes with their corresponding composer and publisher info.

What are the limitations on using the music?

You are free to use your purchased music on any of your projects, whether they be films, corporate videos, commercials, wedding videos, webisodes. You can use it within a game, air it on YouTube, TV, radio …in other words, pretty much anywhere you want! However… there is a budget cap on film and advertising usage – you can use our music on those projects as long as your budget is under US$250,000. You can not: use this music to create a new piece of music, nor sell it as your own, nor can you resell the music without our express permission. ‘Royalty free’ in our case refers to the freedom you have to re-use the same production music again and again without ever having to pay us for additional use. If your project is broadcast on TV, film or radio, you must submit cue sheets with the correct writer/publisher information. In most cases the only party having to pay for the performance of the music is the broadcaster, i.e. the TV station / network / theater owner, who is probably already paying an annual blanket fee to ASCAP and BMI for unlimited usage of music in their repertoire. If you’re not sure about the way you’d like to use our music, please get in touch at: info@ royaltyfreekings.com – we’ll let you know if you’re in the clear asap.

Why do you have that budget limitation for using the music?

We have the cap of $250,000 for total budget on film, advertising and video games, because much of our stock music comes from successful composers who work at the highest levels of the entertainment industry. The license fees (for one time use, not royalty free!) our composers get for big budget projects, such as trailers and commercials, are often in the five figures range. We want to be able to offer the same high quality music to up and coming producers working with smaller budgets, but at the same time not adversely affect the high end business of the entertainment industry with unfairly low license fees.

My budget is getting close to $250,000, or is over that threshold, but I really want to use your music. What should I do?

No problem! Please contact us at info@ royaltyfreekings.com – we’ll have a fair and competitive license fee for whatever budget you're working with.

Where can I buy single tracks?

You can either search for a keyword from the homepage, or browse through an album. Within each album page, you can scroll down and choose the individual tracks that you specifically want - then click on the WAV or AIFF buttons to add them to your cart. The albums are an insane deal though - keep in mind it's often cheaper to grab the whole album if you need more than a couple of tracks!

Why would I buy a track from Royalty Free Kings for $44.95, when I can buy music from iTunes for 99 cents?

Purchasing music from a production music library, like Royalty Free Kings, grants you legal permission - a 'license' to use it in a professional production, such as a video or a film. In contrast, buying music from iTunes does not give a person the rights to use it in any kind of production. iTunes, Spotify etc is solely for listening to the music. This is regardless of whether or not the project is for profit.

My computer crashed / I had to reformat my hard drive and I didn't have a back up, can I get another copy of what I bought?

You can log in at the top right button and access all the files you bought. If you have never logged in before, your user will be the email address you used. You will then need to reset your password (that's in the same login window) - your temporary password will be sent to your email. The links are active for a year from the date you purchased the music. If you need your files after a year, contact us at info @royaltyfreekings.com If you have any trouble with that, please email us at info @ royaltyfreekings.com

I noticed some of the files in my extras folder are not mp3s, why is that?

We sell the extras as hi res (320 kbps) mp3s, except for loops, which do not work properly in mp3 format (due to the compression process adding a tiny amount of silence at the beginning). You’ll find the loops are 44.1K wav files, which is what most web designers request.

Which format should I choose when purchasing the music, 48K aiff, or 44.1K wav?

It depends on what software you’re using. Mac based software primarily uses 48K aiff, while PC based software has traditionally worked with wav files. The wav files are also good for web design, as 44.1K audio seems to work better when embedded in Flash (especially on PCs).

Do you offer custom music?

Definitely! Our composers have extensive experience in writing to visual media. Contact us at info@ royaltyfreekings.com for further information.

Why do the free tracks have a price?

You can download any of that free music right now - simply click on the 'Download Free Version' button. You'll instantly download a free mp3 version. If you want a hi res AIFF or WAV file, you can still purchase the track by clicking on 'Hi Res Version of the Track'. Also - if you want to monetize a YouTube video with any of the music on this page, please purchase the hi res version, then do the following: forward your receipt for the purchase to support@adrev.net with 1) 'whitelist request' in the title and 2) your video url. That's it!

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