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You can use any of this music in a professional project, completely free of charge! It's our way of thanking all our supporters and anyone visiting our new site.

We just have a couple of exceptions as to where you can use this music, but it's the same as any paid track - check out the FAQ page for more info regarding those.

It's not required, but if you can, we'd love it if you'd provide a credit and link to our site: 'Music by Royalty Free Kings' and a link to www.royaltyfreekings.com would be amazing.

To download a track, simply click on the 'Download Free Version' button. You'll instantly download a free mp3 version.

If you want a hi res AIFF or WAV file, you can still purchase the track by clicking on 'Hi Res Version of the Track'.

Also - if you want to monetize a YouTube video with any of the music on this page, please purchase the hi res version, then do the following: forward your receipt for the purchase to support@adrev.net with 1) 'whitelist request' in the title and 2) your video url. That's it! 

If you don't plan on monetizing your YouTube video (it doesn't make much sense unless you're getting 10's of 1000s of views) then you can use the free version with no problems at all. You'll see a 'matched content' message but it's just a reminder that you can't yet monetize without a white listing from AdRev.

Thanks for visiting, and for all your support!
~The RFK team

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