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By RoyaltyFreeKings.com 01.06.2016

Eastern Journey

We’ve just added an exciting World/Turkish Music album called Eastern J...
By RoyaltyFreeKings.com 01.05.2016


We’ve just added an exciting Medieval/World music album called Renaissa...
By RoyaltyFreeKings.com 01.04.2016

Evocative Acoustic

We’ve just added a wonderful Acoustic Pop/Country Music album called Ev...
By RoyaltyFreeKings.com 01.03.2016

Electro Pop 1

We’ve just added a sleek new modern Electronica/Pop/Rock inspired album...
By RoyaltyFreeKings.com 01.02.2016

Laid Back & Happy

We’ve just added a fun new Acoustic/Pop music album called Laid Back &a...
By RoyaltyFreeKings.com 01.01.2016

Indie Rock 2

We’ve just added an awesome new Rock album called Indie Rock 2, that we...
By RoyaltyFreeKings.com 30.06.2014

New Free Background Music Releases

Music licensing website RoyaltyFreeKings.com gives away more music, aimed at ...
By RoyaltyFreeKings.com 01.12.2013

New epic royalty free music

Royalty-free music licensing website RoyaltyFreeKings.com recently released a...

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