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RoyaltyFreeKings Welcomes Latest Addition Evocative Acoustic

Apr 01, 2016
Evocative Acoustic

We’ve just added a wonderful Acoustic Pop/Country Music album called Evocative Acoustic, that we’re really excited to share with you.

Evocative Acoustic is a wonderful collection of relaxing strummed acoustic guitar and hummed vocal melody pieces. The dreamy feel that these five tracks create are perfect for any number of uses, but are especially useful in documentaries, dramatic features, or for creating a nostalgic heartfelt moment in a commercial or film.

It features tracks like “Driving Through Silence” and  “When All is Said And Done” which develop a calm feel almost reminiscent of a summers night. While tracks like “Follow Me” aid in creating a moment of introspection and silence in the audience.

Evocative Acoustic also has an extras package which contains individual instrument stems for most of the tracks on the album, which adds extra flexibility and provides you with even more value. This allows the benefit and option, to layer and create your own musical underscore as needed.

At RoyaltyFreeKings.com you’ll find a completely re-vamped website, where you can find the royalty free music you need even faster than ever before. Our efficient search function is designed to have you find and download your music files within minutes.

Now that we have our new site up and running, we’re now focusing on expanding our most popular genres. Stay tuned for brand new epic, uplifting and ambient albums and tracks!

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