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Relaxing Atmospheres 1

$ 147.95

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Relaxing Atmospheres 1 is a unique collection of fifteen premium quality tracks that combine the tranquil elements of new age, acoustic and laid back music styles. These tracks were hand picked for their ability to create feelings of calm and warmth.

We've also included some more light hearted tracks such as Home Cookin. In addition to being used for yoga instruction, this album has a variety of other potential uses including; new age or spa businesses, hotel advertising, travel shows, documentaries and many others.

A very extensive extras package for Relaxing Atmospheres is also available, which contains sub-mixes and edits for most of the tracks on this album. These extras bring you even more value and flexibility to what you already get on this album. This package is exclusively available to customers who purchase the Relaxing Atmospheres 1 album. Look just below the demo player to see a full list of what's in the extras package.

Please note that you have the option of purchasing either 48K 16bit AIFF files (for macs), or 44K 16 bit WAV files (for PCs) for immediate download. Due to the large size of the extras package, those files are hi res mp3s (320kbps) to speed up the downloading process.

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Time Duration Price Add to Cart
Air Glide 2:58 $ 44.95
Calm Spaces 2:20 $ 44.95
Chill Acoustic 3:23 $ 44.95
Corporate Soothe 3:03 $ 44.95
Home Cookin 2:10 $ 44.95
In My Own Time 3:00 $ 44.95
Latin Cruise 3:05 $ 44.95
Ocean World 2:14 $ 44.95
Oriental View 3:16 $ 44.95
Perfect Bliss 8:45 $ 44.95
Red Plateau 1:42 $ 44.95
Rise and Shine 0:50 $ 44.95
Stillness 1:58 $ 44.95
Sub Marine 2:39 $ 44.95
Age of Tranquility 4:21 $ 44.95

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