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Rising Tide PERC

$ 44.95

File Type:

  • AIFF
  • WAV

A Middle Eastern voice rises above a drone of strings and rushes into heavy percussion and intense rhythms from the orchestra. Electric guitars create a bed with stabbing string textures and choir, entering this track into a building adventure sequence. A final section enters a huge rock drumbeat with soaring melodies from the choir and strings, building to a negative impact.

If you buy the track, the added benefit is that you have the hi res choice of either 48K aiff or 44.1K wav.
The file you can download for free here is an mp3.

As long as you're working on a budget of less than US$250,000.00, you can use the track as much as you like! We have a few other restrictions, that include using it within another piece of music. Click here for details.

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