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Appalachian: Folk & Bluegrass

$ 147.95

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Appalachian: Folk & Bluegrass is a collection of soulful tracks, ranging in styles from acoustic folk to upbeat old timey. These premium quality Appalachian tracks deliver a timeless sound, conjuring up images of a simple yet rugged life in the mountains. The authenticity and quality of these tracks make them perfect for any travel show or documentary featuring the Appalachian region.

We've carefully chosen these fifteen tracks to give you a wide variety of the styles found in Appalachian music. We have cheeky and upbeat tracks like Runaway Mule, which features banjo and guitar, or check out the lonesome, haunting melody performed on steel guitar in Appalachian Rainbow. The laid-back feel and sound of Speakeasy puts you right in the middle of a impromptu summer Bluegrass concert.

Also available is an extensive extras package for Appalachian: Folk & Bluegrass, which contains sub-mixes and edits for most of the tracks on the album. These extras bring you even more value and flexibility to what you get on this album. This package is exclusively available to customers who purchase the Appalachian: Folk & Bluegrass album.

Please note that you have the option of purchasing either 48K 16bit AIFF files (for macs), or 44K 16 bit WAV files (for PCs) for immediate download. Due to the large size of the extras package, those files are hi res mp3s (320kbps), to speed up the downloading process.

Purchase Single Track

Time Duration Price Add to Cart
Appalachian Rainbow 1:37 $ 44.95
Babbling Brook 1:54 $ 44.95
Blue Mountain Waltz 2:28 $ 44.95
Blue Ridge Ramble 1:34 $ 44.95
Bugaboo Creek 1:06 $ 44.95
Countryslide 2:32 $ 44.95
Firewood 1:42 $ 44.95
Flatback Ford 2:43 $ 44.95
Full Circle 2:55 $ 44.95
Mayfly 2:09 $ 44.95
On The Trail 1:38 $ 44.95
Onwards and Upwards 3:22 $ 44.95
Rainbow 1:48 $ 44.95
Runaway Mule 2:29 $ 44.95
Speakeasy 2:49 $ 44.95

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