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Drama Light 5

$ 107.95

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Drama – Light Volume 5 is 5th in a series of collections of inspirational, light, romantic and reflective tracks. These tracks have once again been handpicked for their premium quality, and have a wide range of potential uses – including documentaries, family friendly TV drama, wedding videos and evocative independent films.

An extras package for Drama - Light 5 is also available, which contains edits and stems for a number of tracks on the album. These extras bring you even more value and flexibility, and this package is exclusively available to customers who purchase this album. Look just below the demo player to see a full list of what's in the extras package.

Please note that you have the option of purchasing either 48K 16bit AIFF files (for macs), or 44K 16 bit WAV files (for PCs) for immediate download. Due to the large size of the extras package, those files are hi res mp3s (320kbps), to speed up the downloading process.

Also, please keep in mind, that like for any of our music, our user agreement states a budget cap on what you're allowed to use our music on (for film or advertising - up to US$250,000). However, if you're under that threshold, you're free to use these comedy tracks on any of your projects!

Purchase Single Track

Time Duration Price Add to Cart
A Fresh Start 1:52 $ 44.95
As Years Go By 2:05 $ 44.95
Awaiting Arrival 1:47 $ 44.95
Botox Babe 2:12 $ 44.95
Curiosity 1:31 $ 44.95
Giving Back 0:46 $ 44.95
Magic in the Air 1:26 $ 44.95
Moonlit Romance 3:24 $ 44.95
Natural 3:21 $ 44.95
Progress 1:03 $ 44.95
Spinning Web 3:40 $ 44.95
There is Hope 2:06 $ 44.95

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