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Action Film 3

$ 117.95

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Action Film 3 is our third collection of intense and suspenseful tracks that add a cutting edge Hollywood sound to any production, whether it's a commercial, film, video or game.

Action Film 3 consists of twelve exciting action tracks handpicked for their premium quality. In fact, along with cutting edge modern tracks, this album also features action tracks performed by live orchestra and choir. You did read that right - REAL orchestra and choir! Check out the epic and traditional Conquerors, or listen to the massive combination of rock band, choir, and orchestra in Agents Deployed, reminiscent of films like 300, The Matrix and other blockbusters.

As with our previous Action Film collections, we've carefully chosen these twelve tracks to give you as much versatility as possible, covering many different types of scenes and and situations that you'd find in an action film, including: mysterious and brooding, suspense tension, chase scenes and all out action.

Also available is an extras package for Action Film 3 that contains sub-mixes for a number of the tracks on the album. These extras bring you even more value and flexibility to what you get on this album. This package is exclusively available to customers who purchase the Action Film 3 album.

Please note that you have the option of purchasing either 48K 16bit AIFF files (for macs), or 44K 16 bit WAV files (for PCs) for immediate download. Due to the large size of the extras package, those files are hi res mp3s (320kbps), to speed up the downloading process.

Purchase Single Track

Time Duration Price Add to Cart
Aerial Assault 1:06 $ 44.95
Agents Deployed 2:43 $ 44.95
Asset Targeted 1:05 $ 44.95
Awaiting Detection 2:12 $ 44.95
Bonebreaker 1:35 $ 44.95
Conquerors 2:00 $ 44.95
Equinox 2:25 $ 44.95
Man vs Mountain 2:16 $ 44.95
Retrieval 2:17 $ 44.95
Set Up 1:03 $ 44.95
Shanghai Skyline 1:47 $ 44.95
Spy Hunter 2:57 $ 44.95

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