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Hi Tech 2

$ 147.95

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Hi Tech 2 is our second collection of cutting edge, energizing and intricate tracks aimed at projects involving technology. Whether it be a commercial or trade show introducing a new product, or a scene in sci fi film, the fifteen ultra modern tracks on this album are perfect for injecting a futuristic, technological feel.

Tracks like Planetary, Heavy Industry and Power Trip and are fast paced and full of energy. Others, like Beam of Light and Cold Fusion are more subdued and reflective - perfect behind detailed dialog and for adding a human element to your hi tech production.

Also available is an extensive extras package for Hi Tech 2 that contains sub-mixes and edits for most of the tracks on the album. This package is only available to customers who purchase this album.

Please note that you have the option of purchasing either 48K 16bit AIFF files (for macs), or 44K 16 bit WAV files (for PCs) for immediate download. Due to the large size of the extras package, those files are hi res mp3s (320kbps), to speed up the downloading process.

Purchase Single Track

Time Duration Price Add to Cart
Always There 2:34 $ 44.95
Digital Stream 2:27 $ 44.95
Freeway 2:56 $ 44.95
Get Up & Go 2:28 $ 44.95
Getting it Done 2:12 $ 44.95
Glory or Nothing 2:00 $ 44.95
Mainframe 1:12 $ 44.95
Paris Starlight 2:40 $ 44.95
Pumpd Up 2:54 $ 44.95
Put The Needle On It 2:27 $ 44.95
Rising Light 3:33 $ 44.95
Sun Trap 2:10 $ 44.95
System Breach 2:20 $ 44.95
The Time Is Now 2:56 $ 44.95
Turntable Eclipse 6:13 $ 44.95

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